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Sunday, April 20, 2008
There are some extremely cute new pictures of Caleb and Kam in Caleb's 2008 folder.

Also, your economic stimulus checks will be coming soon. Consider taking Frankie's pledge to put the money to good use.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Big news today... Emily is pregnant!!!.

We are so excited for Emily, Brent, and Kam. Congratulations guys!

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Monday, May 28, 2007
We had a great visit in Louisiana. Neo and Kam played together almost non-stop. It is fun seeing them grow together. They played with the NERF guns Paw-paw bought quite a bit. They also went and picked a ton of blackberries, ate ice-cream, and went to see Spider-man 3.

One reason for the trip for us was to catch up with Emily since we couldn't be there for her graduation last weekend. We went over to Brent and Em's place on Saturday night and watched the UFC pay-per-view event. They introduced us to the sport, which we thought was pretty exciting. Now we just need to introduce them to Battlestar Galactica :) Thanks guys. We had a great time. We also gave Emily the graduation gift that we made for her. It's a paint brush holder/washer. We saw one like this online, but it was pretty expensive for such a small thing, so we decided to build a similar one. We decided not to use the steel canisters and also to make the cup disposable instead of using a fixed stainless steel cup. The other thing we did was make it non-symmetrical on purpose. So, one swing arm is longer than the other and we used various sized holes in the back. We put about 4 coats of polyurethane on it so it has quite a bit of shine. It also has some rubber feet on the bottom. I am really excited about the end result, and I think Em liked it too. Much of my excitement was because it was kind of my first detail oriented, small wood project.

The other thing we accomplished was collecting lots of old baby stuff that was in Louisiana - things that we had from when Neo was born and also some things that other people are sharing with us. Thanks to everyone who has helped us put all this together. This is going to save us quite a bit of money.

Pictures from our visit, mostly of the boys playing, are here.

Lastly, on this Memorial Day, we would like to thanks all those in our family who have spent time defending our country. Paw-Paw G. gave many years of service in World War II. Paw-paw Bergeron spent time in Korea, and Mr. Travis just recently returned home from Iraq. Thank you guys for your service. We all appreciate it.

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Friday, October 20, 2006
We want to thank Mom and Emily for coming into town last weekend with Kam. Neo really enjoyed getting to play with him. We have a few pictures in Neo and Kam's folders. I like the one of Kam in his new Superman clothes.

Also, Neo has a digital camera (a cheap one that I bought a while back for a project). He is taking his own pictures, downloading them hisself to his own computer running Edubuntu linux, and then viewing them with Google's Picasa. I have a script that runs every night that posts the pictures he downloads onto his website. You can see the ones he has taken and check for new ones here. Some of them are very good. I like this one. :)

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
We had a great visit in Lafayette and boy did we eat well.

On Saturday night we had an awesome BBQ on Mr. Troy's ultimate grill setup. The food was great and the company was even better. We had a great time chatting and hanging out in the backyard. Neo and Kameron had 'dem a "bon ton". All the pics are in the Events section (2005 - Lafayette visit).

On Saturday night, we went to an engagement party for Lori and Travis which was really nice. Congratulations guys.

Overall, it was a great trip. When we got home, I got a third coat of paint on the walls in the home theater. It was looking better. Christian managed to get to Home Depot before it closed and get some more paint so I was able to get yet another coat on before bed. It is slowly starting to cover well and look better. Here is an image showing what it looks like after 2, 3, and 4 coats of red. I think 1 or 2 more coats and it should be in good shape.


Sunday, December 26, 2004
I think we just had what might be called the best Christmas ever. It all started with waking up on Christmas morning to a a white Christmas! Look here at the pictures for proof! It was beautiful. Vince and I went and made a snowman on the golf course which is somehow still standing outside.

Brent, Emily and Kameron came on Christmas day and everything has been wonderful. Neo and Kameron have been playing with each other non-stop. We played basketball, had some wonderful food, and opened many presents. All of the pictures are here.

This was one for the history books.

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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Happy Birthday Kameron!!

Kameron had an awesome 2nd birthday party. The food was great. The company was great. and my goodness, there were so many presents!! You can see pictures of the event here.

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Monday, August 09, 2004
Yesterday, I began working on a website for Neo. It's coming along ok, but it isn't finished yet. You can check it out here.

Also, look at the bed that paw-paw graffagnino made for Kameron!! Awesome!!


Sunday, June 06, 2004
What a great visit with Emily, Brent, and Kam! Neo and Kam had a blast playing together.

Yesterday, Emily and Christian went shopping. Brent and I played poker last night with a group of guys that I work with and we didn't do too shabby.

Today, we ate some BBQ and said our farewells. We really enjoyed their visit. There are some pictures of Neo and Kameron playing in their directory in the pictures section.

Also, we got our first glimpse of Gracie! How precious! She now has her own directory in the pictures section, so keep checking for more pictures!


Friday, June 04, 2004
Mr. Troy, Brent, Emily, and Kameron all made it in safely to our house yesterday. Mr. Troy, unfortunately, had to leave this morning to attend a class and then will be on his way back home to Lafayette (and his new grand-daughter!!).

Which brings me to my next point - Gracie is here! If anyone has some pictures of her and the new parents, please email me at frankie@graffagnino.net and let me know, and I will arrange with you to transfer them.

Kameron and Neo are having a blast together. We got a couple of good pictures like this one. We will continue to take more over the weekend, and as always, all of them can be found in the pictures section of the website under "Neo" and "Kameron".



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