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Sunday, November 08, 2009
Yes. The website is still alive. I've let so many events and pictures stack up that it has taken me all weekend to go through them, get them organized, and get them on the website.

The good news is, there are some incredibly cute pictures and videos for you to go through. Some of the recent additions include:
Sorry these are so late!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008
Wow... weekend after weekend has been packed.

Many "thank you"s are in order. Thanks to those who helped in watching the boys during my high school reunion and Christian's, and during Christian's jewelry events. Thanks to everyone who got such wonderful gifts for the boys for their birthdays. Thanks to everyone that attended Neo's birthday party. A huge thank you to those who helped us set up, manage, and clean up Neo's video game party (it was a huge success!!).

For Neo's party, we needed to do something on a small budget. Doing it at home was an obvious choice, but we wanted to avoid renting a fun jump or entertainment. We came up with the idea of a video game party and things sort of flowed from there. Christian made some awesome invitations that looked like a Nintendo DS. When opened it asked the kids to bring their Nintendo DS and a Wii remote if they had one.

At the party, we had 4 video game rooms. Two rooms were Wii rooms playing Wii Sports and Mario Kart. The theater room became the XBOX room, playing on the big projection screen with the loud surround sound. Neo's room was the Nintendo DS room where multiplayer Mario Kart DS sessions of up to 8 were taking place. And outside, was a craft station for each kid to make their own "Mii" magnet. They picked their shirts, pants, nose, eyes, and colored everything and made a Mii that they could hang on their refrigerator. Kids were divided up into teams and rotated. I must say... it all went off pretty well, and the kids had a great time.

Pictures of Neo's video game party are here. Christian did a really great job with preparations and decorations. One kid said "this was the funnest party I ever been to". Another didn't want to eat his Wii remote/Wiimote cookie because he wanted to keep it. All signs of success I think.

There are also some great pics of Charlie and his 1st birthday party in his October folder.

Thanks again to everyone.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Neo and Charlie's birthdays are here. Many of you have asked what they might like for their birthday.

We have a list up in a published google document at the following link:


Let Christian or I know if you get something on the list so we can scratch it out.

Thanks guys!

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Friday, September 12, 2008
I had a great birthday. A birthday breakfast. A wonderful day at work.

And then, when I came home, Neo handed me a menu he had made with crayon saying "Mommy's Kitchen". He showed me to my seat and asked what I would like to drink (after pointing out the drink selection on the menu). Next up, he asked what dressing I would like on my salad.

He and Mom had prepared an amazing meal in "Mommy's Kitchen" along with dessert and a cup of coffee. Oh man it was good.

Thanks guys. It was great.

Fast forward a few days. We are in Dallas having evacuated from Hurricane Ike. We are watching the weather and the initial reports so far are not good. It sounds like Kemah may already be under water. They are also predicting a 20 feet storm surge in Galveston. Galveston has a sea wall that is only 17 feet high.

Keep the Houston area in your prayers. We'll see you guys on the other side.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Neo had a great 7th birthday party. Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts. Pictures from the party are here.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Things are still going well around here. We had visits from my mom and Christian's mom which helped out a ton! Thanks guys! Christian posted a nice thank you note on her blog as well.

Charlie is doing well although he has problems with gas and diaper rash occasionally. I swear he passes wind like a 65 year old man sitting in a recliner watching sports does.

I got sick this morning with some sort of bug that is going around. Now we are doing our best to keep me away from the baby, but I'm afraid he might pick it up since I was walking with him last night. We'll see.

Charlie's October folder has more pictures. Also, some pics of maw-maw playing the Wii with Neo are in Neo's October folder.

Also, Happy Birthday Neo!!! Neo's birthday party is coming up and he is very excited.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007
We're home!!! And... happy birthday Christian!!

At home, we've started to settle in. When we woke up this morning, we had a big birthday breakfast for Christian with banana pancakes, sausage, eggs, and fresh orange slices. I think she enjoyed that.

After 4 days in the hospital, we finally made it home Saturday afternoon. Luckily, for most of the time we had some really good nurses, including one named Suellen. She was really awesome and did a great job of not only tending to Christian medically, but listening to her and making the time there a little more bearable.

After we left the hospital, we picked up Neo from some friends (thanks John and Laura!), swung by HEB to fill Christian's prescription, grabbed some food, and finally made it home. The good news is that Charlie was comfortable in the car the whole time. Hopefully that will continue for other car rides.

Neo is doing a great job with helping out with the baby. He has been a retriever for stuff - "Neo... quick.. get a towel!". He is also a good diaper changing assistant and a baby soother. He likes to say "Look at brother!" while we are changing Charlie to calm him down.

Overall, things are good. Happy birthday Christian! We love you.

A few more pictures are available in Charlie's September folder.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Another good weekend. Still no baby.

Neo managed to finish saving his money to pitch in for a Nintendo Wii. Wow, that is fun. We played it almost all day today. Already, Neo is updating his birthday wish list.

Speaking of that, the details for Neo's 7th birthday party and gift ideas are on his website at http://neo.graffagnino.net.

If you haven't been keeping up with Christian's blog, you should check it out. Christian and I have both been updating our blogs much more frequently lately. It is a great way to express yourself! Christian posts about news and crafts that she works on mostly. I post about lots of techie stuff on mine.

If you don't like having to manually check websites to see if their are updates, you should use a news reader! Christian and I both use Google Reader. It's great. Just paste in the RSS feed from the site you want to monitor (or, you can just use the website address sometimes), and then it will keep you informed of the latest updates. And if you use the Google Personalized Homepage, you can have Google Reader right there on your start page. We love it! We see updates to the sites we care about on our homepages as they happen.

If you start using a news/RSS reader like Google reader, here are the RSS feeds for our blogs:

* graffagnino.net (this blog): http://www.graffagnino.net/rss.xml
* christian's blog: http://christian.graffagnino.net/rss.xml
* frankie's blog: http://www.graffagnino.net/frankie/blog/rss.xml

That can help you stay in touch with our blogs and news as well as news from all the other things you care about. For example, you could have a running news search on google for anything relating to your town, or school, and then add the RSS link for that search to your news reader. Just like that, you can have instant updates without having to go and look for them.

That's your tech tip for this week :)

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Sunday, September 09, 2007
I had a great birthday today. Christian cooked an amazing birthday breakfast (blueberry pancackes with bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream), and then hit me with an amazing lunch (chicken stuffed with seafood and sausage jambalaya), and then topped it off with a an awesome homemade chocolate cake.

It was delicious. The cake had chocolate covered strawberries and bananas on it, and there were also some of these on the side. After lunch, we decided to share some cake and chocolate covered treats with the neighbors.

We relaxed most of the day. We managed to get in some good, wholesome, family XBOX time though (Neo and I are teaching mom how to play Star Wars Battlefront 2).

We wrapped up the day with a visit to one of our favorite mexican restaurants for supper. Something just feels right about eating too much on your birthday.

It was a good day, and a great year. Thanks to Neo and Christian for making it special. I'm looking forward to next year.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
What a great weekend. Neo's birthday was this weekend and we had a lot of fun with him. He had his party at the arcade/putt-putt place. He got way too many presents and it looked like all the kids there had a good time. He also had a baseball game immediately after his party which he did very well in.

Lori and Michelle came in to visit on Saturday and Sunday and Nanna and Poppa came in on Sunday and Monday. It was great that Christian and I to be able to spend a long weekend with you guys, and Neo really enjoyed sharing his birthday with you.

Thanks to everyone for all of Neo's great gifts. He has been playing with his toys all weekend!

Pictures from his party and baseball game are in his October 2006 folder.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006
Sorry about not keeping up with the posts.

A lot has been going on. John and I had a great trip into Louisiana for career day at UL. Also, Christian had a good birthday weekend. She hasn't posted yet, but I'm sure she will have a few words about it on her blog soon :)

There are lots of birthdays going on... there was Christian's this weekend... Neo's next weekend... Kam's this weekend... Dad's last week... Mom's this week... Mrs. Pam's this week...Paw Paw's coming up... geez. I don't know why I am surprised... it is this way every year :)

There are also a few pics of Neo at baseball in his folder for this month.

Speaking of Neo... if you plan on coming in from out of town for Neo's birthday next week, please be sure to let Christian and I know that you are definitely coming so that we can organize sleeping arrangements. Thanks! As far as gifts for him... clothes are good... XBOX games (regular XBOX, not 360) and Nintendo DS games are good... he doesn't play with typical toys and action figures much. Money is also good - he has a bank and knows what it is like to save money, so he will appreciate it.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006
I had a wonderful birthday weekend. It started with sleeping late. Then we had a big breakfast. Then we watched the shuttle launch. Then we played baseball in the front yard. Then we played XBOX. Then we took naps. Then we went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant for my birthday dinner (it was wonderful). Then we played some more XBOX. Then we slept late again. Then we ate an even bigger breakfast. Then we took naps. Then we played some XBOX. You get the idea...

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful birthday. I got lots of phone calls and birthday cards... I am loved by many people. Thanks to all of you. Neo told me before he went to bed that he loved me and he thought I had the best birthday party ever. I couldn't agree more.

Looking at the website, I'm realizing that I forgot to put a link to the pictures from San Francisco. You can see our pics from the trip here.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005
This weekend is one of those weekends where you feel so blessed, you don't know how to accept it all.

What a wonderful visit with family. And today, God set the thermostat to "perfect" and we had the most amazing weather for the best birthday party in the park that anyone could ask for.

There was a moonwalk which the kids loved. Many of them also played in the park. Neo got an incredible (no pun intended) number of presents. The cake was awesome and the pizza was.. well... Domino's.

My friend Greg decided to give up his Saturday and make some really great cardboard cutouts of the Incredibles' kids. Thanks a million Greg. Those were great.

We want to thank everyone who came and also thank all of those who helped us so much to get this party together for Neo. He had a blast.

Of course, there are a ton of pictures here.

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Friday, October 14, 2005
After much confusion and delay, we have finally settled on a date and time for Neo's party. I apologize to everyone who was trying to work their schedule around this. Things have been pretty hectic around here.

The party will be on the weekend of the 22nd-23rd. Email me for the exact date and time. We would like to get an idea of how many people are coming from out of town, so shoot me an email at frankie@graffagnino.net if you plan on coming.

On Neo's birthday, he had one heck of a breakfast. Check this out. He claimed it was the best breakfast ever.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays. My goodness...

First there was Blake. Happy Birthday dood!

Then there was my dad. Congratulations on your 35th birthday pop.

Then, there was Christian. She had a good birthday, celebrated with dinner, some new CDs, a new blouse and jacket, and a gift certificate to shoe heaven. And maybe... just maybe... a lower car insurance rate.

Next was Kam. Happy birthday Kam!!! Neo can't wait to visit with you again.

Next was my mom. Also turned 35 this year. You don't look a day over 33 mom.

And now, coming up to bat, is my favorite mother-in-law. I'm not sure what her birthday holds for her, but I am absolutely positive that she will look fabulous doing it. :) Happy birthday Mrs. Pam.

And on deck, the big hitter. Neo's birthday is in a few days. As you all know, we had to post-pone the party. We hope to have a date and some invitation ironed out by this weekend, so we'll get back to you with the details.

Happy birthday to all of you guys. Perhaps next year we should all just have one huge birthday party where we shoot skeet, buy new shoes, go look at new houses, have a jewelry party, and finish it off with a fun-jump and spider-man cake?


Sunday, October 10, 2004
Happy birthday Neo!!!

Neo had an awesome Scooby-Doo birthday party for his 4th birthday. You can see all of the details on his website.

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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Happy Birthday Kameron!!

Kameron had an awesome 2nd birthday party. The food was great. The company was great. and my goodness, there were so many presents!! You can see pictures of the event here.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Happy Birthday Christian!!! You can see the picture that Neo and I made and put in Christian's birthday card here.

We are really proud of you Christian!


Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Neo's birthday is coming up! See his webpage for more details.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004
My birthday today was great. It started with a cup of birthday coffee on the back porch and a great birthday card. Later, Christian and Neo surprised me at work with a birthday lunch. And it was topped off by a card that Neo made, a birthday dinner, and an awesome chocolate birthday cake.

Thanks guys. I love you all.



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