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Sunday, October 26, 2008
Wow... weekend after weekend has been packed.

Many "thank you"s are in order. Thanks to those who helped in watching the boys during my high school reunion and Christian's, and during Christian's jewelry events. Thanks to everyone who got such wonderful gifts for the boys for their birthdays. Thanks to everyone that attended Neo's birthday party. A huge thank you to those who helped us set up, manage, and clean up Neo's video game party (it was a huge success!!).

For Neo's party, we needed to do something on a small budget. Doing it at home was an obvious choice, but we wanted to avoid renting a fun jump or entertainment. We came up with the idea of a video game party and things sort of flowed from there. Christian made some awesome invitations that looked like a Nintendo DS. When opened it asked the kids to bring their Nintendo DS and a Wii remote if they had one.

At the party, we had 4 video game rooms. Two rooms were Wii rooms playing Wii Sports and Mario Kart. The theater room became the XBOX room, playing on the big projection screen with the loud surround sound. Neo's room was the Nintendo DS room where multiplayer Mario Kart DS sessions of up to 8 were taking place. And outside, was a craft station for each kid to make their own "Mii" magnet. They picked their shirts, pants, nose, eyes, and colored everything and made a Mii that they could hang on their refrigerator. Kids were divided up into teams and rotated. I must say... it all went off pretty well, and the kids had a great time.

Pictures of Neo's video game party are here. Christian did a really great job with preparations and decorations. One kid said "this was the funnest party I ever been to". Another didn't want to eat his Wii remote/Wiimote cookie because he wanted to keep it. All signs of success I think.

There are also some great pics of Charlie and his 1st birthday party in his October folder.

Thanks again to everyone.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008
I know I haven't posted an update in the while. Surprisingly, it's not because I don't have time, like you might think.

No, it's actually because we have set our machines to sleep/hibernate to save electricity. We have saved lots of power.

But one interesting side-effect is that since my machine is usually off, and I have to deliberately turn it on, I use it less. And since I use it less, I tend to get a few things done before I'm called away, and then it goes to sleep again.

So, I have had time to post, but just have been doing other things instead. Somehow, that feels like a good thing.

But, to get you up to date:

  • Charlie is in to everything. He is crawling, pulling himself up, and walking along as he holds on.

  • Neo went on vacation with Nanna and Poppa and a couple of other families. He had a really great time and came home with a pet hermit crab that he named, "Hermit".

  • Christian and I made a do-it-yourself Earthbox. An earthbox is a pretty neat little invention for growing produce that uses minimal water and fertilizer and requires a minimal amount of tending to. I'm really excited about it and how easy it is. We have started some cucumbers, tomatoes, and jalapenos. If you would like to learn about the earthbox, check the website here. For a version you can build youself, just search on google. We made one in about 30 minutes.

  • Neo and I have been playing Zelda on Wii. Neo is really good. We managed to work through the entire game/story. The game involves lots of reading, which was great summer reading practice for him. We just finished the game this morning with Neo beating Ganon. It was really exciting.

  • There are some new pictures in various folders. Just click around.

So, that's it in a nutshell. Things are really good around here.

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