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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Had a great Christmas with everyone in Louisiana and a great New Year's at home. Now we are just trying to brave the cold in Houston, keep the pipes from bursting, and watch the Saints do well in the playoffs!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007
What an amazing Christmas! We managed to get in some time with all sides of the family and had a great time. Neo really enjoyed himself. I think Charlie did too, although he is a little easier to please at this point. Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful gifts.

All of our Christmas pictures are here, although I don't have some of the pictures that others took. If you took some on your camera, please send me a link to them or email them to me.

Also, congrats to Blake and Chelsea on the court date for their adoption! You can read about their adoption here. Also, they are still trying to raise money for travel to Ethiopia, so if you would like to donate to help them, see the note in the upper right of their website to send them a few dollars through PayPal.

Happy New Years! We are really looking forward to a wonderful 2008.

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Monday, January 01, 2007
Welcome to 2007! We made it!

Our family was blessed with a wonderful 2006, and I know I am very excited about the new year. One thing it will definitely contain is our first family vacation!

We have finally got some of the new technology settled in the house. I set up Neo's computer for Christian instead, and set up emily's old Mac for Neo. We got his new camera and printer dock configured on the new mac and you should see what Neo does. He docks the camera, imports his photos into iPhoto, prints them, emails them, plays games, checks his email... it's incredible. I even have it set up so when he see he has a new email, he can highlight the text, press a key on the keyboard, and the computer will read the email to him... he does everything himself! It's really fun to watch him learn. His website is set up to update every night with any pictures he has taken, so check it out often. You can find it at http://neo.graffagnino.net.

He gets super excited when he sees that he has an email, so if any of you get the chance to send him an email, I'm sure he would love it. His email is antonio "att' graffagnino d-o_t net (excuse the funky spelling, but I'm trying to avoid him getting junk mail.

Happy New Year to all of you!

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