Jewelry Armoir Project


This beautiful jewelry and lingerie chest was made by my grandfather for my wife, Christian. He made it for her as a Christmas gift.

Jewelry Chest Unfinished 1 Jewelry Chest Unfinished 2

I decided that I wanted to put some time into some finishing touches on this nice piece of furniture. The main things I wanted to do were:
  • Add a soft lining to the top, drawers, and sides
  • Add a mirror to the top lid
  • Etch a "G" for Graffagnino onto the mirror
  • Make a ring holder for Christian to put her rings


I started off by getting some blue felt and some foam board from a local crafts store. I cut the foam board using a razor knife into strips, and laid it into the top.

Jewelry Chest Blue felt lining 1 Jewelry Chest Blue felt lining 2

After a fit check, I wrapped each piece in blue felt and secured it with hot glue. I thought it came out really nice.

Jewelry Chest Blue felt lining 3 Jewelry Chest Blue felt lining 4

However, Christian felt like (no pun intended) the material was a little too rough. You don't want something picky when you are getting your jewelry.

So, she picked out a really soft, yellow colored fabric that she liked. This was not as thick as the felt, so we would need something to put between the foam board and the material... how about some felt?

We wrapped each piece in felt first, then covered with the new material.

Jewelry Chest Lining 1 Jewelry Chest Lining 2

The result was a very smooth lining.

Jewelry Chest Lining 3 Jewelry Chest Lining 4


The mirror was very simple to do. We found a niced beveled mirror at our local crafts store. After we got home, I made up a stencil on the computer with a "G" and flower pattern going around it. I cut out this pattern with an exacto knife on some contact paper. Then, I put this contact paper on the mirror.

After the stencil was stuck on, all we had to do was apply the etching creme. You can get etching creme just like this at almost any crafts store.

After etching the glass, we stuck it on the wood with this strong adhesive.

Sorry I don't have more pics, but here is the finished product:

Jewelry Chest Mirror 1 Jewelry Chest Mirror 2

Ring Holder

This one was a bit more tricky. To make the ring holder, I used some big, fluffy rope cord stuff, and some more foam board.

First, I cut the sides of the foam board in such a fashion that it folded up like an accordion, but with segments at the bottom between each pleat (see picture for explanation). Inside each cavity, I put two strips of the fluffy cord.

Then, after putting in the cord, I cut some fabric to cover the cord and pull it tight against the foam board. This created a tight gap where a ring can be pushed in.

Jewelry Chest Ring Holder 1 Jewelry Chest Ring Holder 2

After we finished, we had quite a mess to clean up.

Jewelry Chest Mess 1 Jewelry Chest Mess 2

Finished Product

I can't thank my grandfather enough for such a wonderful piece of furniture. I'm sure Christian will enojoy it.

Jewelry Chest Finished 1 Jewelry Chest Finished 2

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