Dr. Huner
Huner Quotes

These are quotes from Dr. Burke Huner. He was one of my Electrical Engineering college professors at the University of Louisiana who could always come up with a funny comment.
  • "Those damn French people with their hyphenated last names! But in this case, I can assure you: Biot-Savart is actually a Mr. Biot and a Mr. Savart."

  • "Every good quantum mechanic has an 'h-bar' in his toolbox."

  • "And if we examine this problem as a measure of difficulty - on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being... oh I don't know... mathematical damnation..."

  • After examining a flux integral equation, Huner says "... now some of you are probably thinking to yourself, 'Where the hell is the dL button on my calculator?'"

  • "Well, lets think about this for a picosecond or three."

  • "It's hard to remember what your purpose in the swamp was when you are up to your rear end in mathematical alligators."

  • Huner steps back and looks at an equation that resembles a limit of a Riemann sum: "Well, if it looks like a duck... and it walks like a duck... and it talks like a duck... I think it's an integral."

  • "Suddenly you find yourself clutching the only friend you have in the whole world... your calculator."

  • "And you all are thinking, 'You mean you expect me to use all that stuff I learned in Math 270?' ... you're damn right I do! And 301! And 310! And 350! If you don't like it, go be a civil engineer!"

  • "Follow your mathematical nose! I wish I had a damn nickel for every ounce of eraser crumbs that students produce."

  • "Use the KISS method: Keep It Simple... well... Stupid is derogatory... how about Sweetheart?"

  • "ex is the original 'bat out of hell'. "

  • "So, what's the BFD?"

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