Frank James Graffagnino
Born: Lafayette, LA - 1980

Originally from Lafayette, LA, I now live in Friendswood, TX. I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful son. I am the son of C.J. and Lynn Graffagnino and I have an older brother and a younger sister (Vince and Emily).

Growing up, I enjoyed baseball, hunting, fishing, and playing trumpet. I played trumpet in my high-school band for marching and symphonic band. Playing music gave me an appreciation and love for music. To this day, I listen to virtually every kind of music I can get my hands on - from Robert Johnson to Biggie Smalls (my favorite internet radio site is Pandora, which is a new type of internet radio which suggests music you might like and also lets you skip songs you don't... and all commercial free!!! - check it out). After high-school, those hobbies subsided, although I still like to hunt and fish.

I attended college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2002. I was named the "Outstanding Graduate of Electrical Engineering" and graduated Summa Cum Laude. While in college, I worked on many electronics projects, the coolest one being a robotic drum machine. Since then, electronics has become one of my favorite hobbies.

After graduation, I was hired by MD Space Robotics (now Dynacs). MD Robotics (the parent company) is a leader in space robotics, having designed and built the robotic manipulator for the space shuttles (known as Canadarm) and also the robotic manipulator for the International Space Station (known as Canadarm2). I mainly worked on NASA's simulations for the Canadarm2, but I also did some mission support in the ISS Mission Evaluation Room (MER) for the EVR console.

I have since moved on to a small engineering company called Metecs and continue to work in the NASA/aerospace community.

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