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Too long....

Okay, its been way too long for a post, but I think I want to get back into it.

Charlie and I went strawberry picking on Monday and had a blast with MOMS club friends! When we got back, I had to get Neo from school because he was not feeling well. So, I am home with Neo and Charlie today. Neo and I are getting over a stomach virus :( Seems to be the tail end of it for both of us.

I had a show this weekend and gave away over $300 in jewelry! WOW! I love this company! My jewelry business is going well. I am in a contest and need some more shows this May to help me win! I am also looking for anyone trying to make some extra cash! My "job" is SO easy! If you can say "ain't that pretty", you gotta job! Ha Ha!

Well, its naptime for charlie, so hopefully it won't be too long before i post again.

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Halloween is HERE!!!

Halloween snuck up on me this year. I knew it was coming, but not this fast. Anyway, Neo is going to be a pirate. The whole second grade is dressing up like pirates at his school. And, because I was focused on Neo and things with him, I totally forgot to get Charlie a costume.

here is what I did to make it happen, and the pictures are attached.

This is the site for my inspiration.

I could not find an all white sweatsuit, so I got a longsleeve onesie, the dalmation pants (actually girls pj's), a red collar, and a piece of regular pink felt and black felt with the sticky back from Walmart, and I found the white hat at the 99 cent store. The sticky black felt was easy to put on and fast. I used safety pins to attach the ears and tail then colored it with a black sharpie so that you could not see the safety pin. I already had a pipe cleaner and some no sew glue that I used to attach the pink part of the ear to the black part.

It will definitely do for a last minute costume.

Happy Halloween,


Birthday Treats

I had such a great treat for my birthday that I had to write about it. I woke up to a handmade card from Neo that stated, "Congratulations for being a good mom!" How cute. He drew a picture for me and signed his name. I also got a card from Frankie with a coupon for a day "off". (I have really been doing lots of coupon shopping lately, so this was really cute!) The first time I read it, I missed that the expiration was 9/30/08. Which meant that I had to use it that day. So, as I was talking to Frankie, I mentioned that I could use it after Neo's bday party in a few weeks. He said, no, it is for today. I was surprised! He took the day off of work and stayed home with Charlie and met Neo off of the bus. What a wonderful husband! Thanks babe! I had a fabulous day walking around the mall, browsing at Barnes and Noble, shopping at Old Navy, meeting with work friends for lunch, getting myself a manicure and a pedicure, shopping at resale shops and Garden Ridge. I really enjoyed my day "off". It was very thoughful and I appreciate it! I love you very much! That afternoon, I took the boys for haircuts and took Neo to his cubscouts meeting. I love you all very much! And, I love being a mom!


Not so little anymore

Well, my little boy Neo is not so little anymore. Second grade is off to a good start. We are getting to a point where Neo is doing a lot more by himself. On the first day of school, he told me that I did not need to come meet him at the bus stop anymore...I could just leave the door unlocked. Wow! It made me realize that all of the teaching that we do is so important when they have to make decisions for themselves. I know this is just the start, and I wonder if he will make the right decisions, but I guess we have to pray that God will be with him where ever he may be and guide him in the right path.


2nd grade!!!

Our little Neo starts second grade tomorrow. : ) Well, he is not so little anymore. We met his teacher on Friday at the Meet and Greet at school. His teacher looks nice and Neo is excited about his first day. Send him an email if you get a chance. I know that he would like that.

The summer is officially over. We had some of the neighborhood kids over at the house this weekend. It was fun to see them playing. It reminded me of when I was little playing at friends houses and had no worries. Neo had a friend spend the night on Saturday. How cute?...oh, I mean that! And, to end it off, we had ice cream at Piccomolo this afternoon.


Nothing fancy

So, I have taken another step to get the beetle sold. I put signs in the car today, and I already have 2 phone calls to return. There were a couple of people that stopped to look at it in the driveway. So, hopefully, we can sell it soon.

We have been going to the library alot this summer. Lots of great things to do, and for free! I like that. Anyway, I think that I will continue to bring Neo even after school starts. It is a good atmosphere to be in.

I started cleaning out neo's armoire to see what clothes he needs for this school year. So far, he is good on shorts, tshirts and jeans. I think he may need a few light short sleeve shirts for school. But, he is so picky! No collars, button downs, or dressy shirts. He likes the regular tshirt material. He has a few fleece tops from the last few years, but it was too hot for him to try them on today. I think we may need to get him a new jacket and tennis shoes. He has been wearing his crocs all summer, so the tennis shoes don't feel comfortable anymore.

charlie is getting better at walking. he and i have fun playing and singing. he likes the song, if you are happy and you know it clap your hands and pat-a-cake. I think he just likes clapping :).