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Too long....

Okay, its been way too long for a post, but I think I want to get back into it.

Charlie and I went strawberry picking on Monday and had a blast with MOMS club friends! When we got back, I had to get Neo from school because he was not feeling well. So, I am home with Neo and Charlie today. Neo and I are getting over a stomach virus :( Seems to be the tail end of it for both of us.

I had a show this weekend and gave away over $300 in jewelry! WOW! I love this company! My jewelry business is going well. I am in a contest and need some more shows this May to help me win! I am also looking for anyone trying to make some extra cash! My "job" is SO easy! If you can say "ain't that pretty", you gotta job! Ha Ha!

Well, its naptime for charlie, so hopefully it won't be too long before i post again.

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