Christian's Corner


Halloween is HERE!!!

Halloween snuck up on me this year. I knew it was coming, but not this fast. Anyway, Neo is going to be a pirate. The whole second grade is dressing up like pirates at his school. And, because I was focused on Neo and things with him, I totally forgot to get Charlie a costume.

here is what I did to make it happen, and the pictures are attached.

This is the site for my inspiration.

I could not find an all white sweatsuit, so I got a longsleeve onesie, the dalmation pants (actually girls pj's), a red collar, and a piece of regular pink felt and black felt with the sticky back from Walmart, and I found the white hat at the 99 cent store. The sticky black felt was easy to put on and fast. I used safety pins to attach the ears and tail then colored it with a black sharpie so that you could not see the safety pin. I already had a pipe cleaner and some no sew glue that I used to attach the pink part of the ear to the black part.

It will definitely do for a last minute costume.

Happy Halloween,


Birthday Treats

I had such a great treat for my birthday that I had to write about it. I woke up to a handmade card from Neo that stated, "Congratulations for being a good mom!" How cute. He drew a picture for me and signed his name. I also got a card from Frankie with a coupon for a day "off". (I have really been doing lots of coupon shopping lately, so this was really cute!) The first time I read it, I missed that the expiration was 9/30/08. Which meant that I had to use it that day. So, as I was talking to Frankie, I mentioned that I could use it after Neo's bday party in a few weeks. He said, no, it is for today. I was surprised! He took the day off of work and stayed home with Charlie and met Neo off of the bus. What a wonderful husband! Thanks babe! I had a fabulous day walking around the mall, browsing at Barnes and Noble, shopping at Old Navy, meeting with work friends for lunch, getting myself a manicure and a pedicure, shopping at resale shops and Garden Ridge. I really enjoyed my day "off". It was very thoughful and I appreciate it! I love you very much! That afternoon, I took the boys for haircuts and took Neo to his cubscouts meeting. I love you all very much! And, I love being a mom!