Christian's Corner


Not so little anymore

Well, my little boy Neo is not so little anymore. Second grade is off to a good start. We are getting to a point where Neo is doing a lot more by himself. On the first day of school, he told me that I did not need to come meet him at the bus stop anymore...I could just leave the door unlocked. Wow! It made me realize that all of the teaching that we do is so important when they have to make decisions for themselves. I know this is just the start, and I wonder if he will make the right decisions, but I guess we have to pray that God will be with him where ever he may be and guide him in the right path.


2nd grade!!!

Our little Neo starts second grade tomorrow. : ) Well, he is not so little anymore. We met his teacher on Friday at the Meet and Greet at school. His teacher looks nice and Neo is excited about his first day. Send him an email if you get a chance. I know that he would like that.

The summer is officially over. We had some of the neighborhood kids over at the house this weekend. It was fun to see them playing. It reminded me of when I was little playing at friends houses and had no worries. Neo had a friend spend the night on Saturday. How cute?...oh, I mean that! And, to end it off, we had ice cream at Piccomolo this afternoon.


Nothing fancy

So, I have taken another step to get the beetle sold. I put signs in the car today, and I already have 2 phone calls to return. There were a couple of people that stopped to look at it in the driveway. So, hopefully, we can sell it soon.

We have been going to the library alot this summer. Lots of great things to do, and for free! I like that. Anyway, I think that I will continue to bring Neo even after school starts. It is a good atmosphere to be in.

I started cleaning out neo's armoire to see what clothes he needs for this school year. So far, he is good on shorts, tshirts and jeans. I think he may need a few light short sleeve shirts for school. But, he is so picky! No collars, button downs, or dressy shirts. He likes the regular tshirt material. He has a few fleece tops from the last few years, but it was too hot for him to try them on today. I think we may need to get him a new jacket and tennis shoes. He has been wearing his crocs all summer, so the tennis shoes don't feel comfortable anymore.

charlie is getting better at walking. he and i have fun playing and singing. he likes the song, if you are happy and you know it clap your hands and pat-a-cake. I think he just likes clapping :).


Coupons ROCK!!

So, I know it has been a while since I last blogged....and, I am not going to catch up now, but I felt like writing tonight.

The house is ....quiet. That is a rare occasion. I am the only one awake...another rare occasion. Anyway, I just got back from Kroger and HEB. I am trying to be a better shopper, so I started looking at the ads on Wednesday, going through my coupons on Thursday and Sunday, and shopping on Monday or Tuesday. Today, I got $158.23 in groceries and household items for $100.34. Not too bad! I am going to try to get even better at it. I found a site that you can see what the sales are and what coupons to use. It is I have not figured out the best way to navigate through the site, but I plan to work on it. She is amazing! Also, if you did not clip your own coupons or don't have enough for the deals where you need a certain quantity, you can get them at They usually ship pretty fast, so if you get the circular on the first day out and go through coupons, you can see which ones you need and get them there.

In trying to save money, we switched our electricity provider to Greenmountain energy. They use natural resources like wind and water to provide electricity, which lowers the amount of pollution used to get it. And, it was less expensive than our current provider. Look at that!

In addition, if you have not seen the video clip of charlie on our website, you need to check it out! Neo is starting school next week....second grade! Can you believe that?

My how time goes by so quickly!