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Nothing fancy

So, I have taken another step to get the beetle sold. I put signs in the car today, and I already have 2 phone calls to return. There were a couple of people that stopped to look at it in the driveway. So, hopefully, we can sell it soon.

We have been going to the library alot this summer. Lots of great things to do, and for free! I like that. Anyway, I think that I will continue to bring Neo even after school starts. It is a good atmosphere to be in.

I started cleaning out neo's armoire to see what clothes he needs for this school year. So far, he is good on shorts, tshirts and jeans. I think he may need a few light short sleeve shirts for school. But, he is so picky! No collars, button downs, or dressy shirts. He likes the regular tshirt material. He has a few fleece tops from the last few years, but it was too hot for him to try them on today. I think we may need to get him a new jacket and tennis shoes. He has been wearing his crocs all summer, so the tennis shoes don't feel comfortable anymore.

charlie is getting better at walking. he and i have fun playing and singing. he likes the song, if you are happy and you know it clap your hands and pat-a-cake. I think he just likes clapping :).


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