Christian's Corner


Mother's Day Funnies

Neo had some great surprises for me this morning. They made bookmarks, handmade cards, a book that each page starts with "I love you like," and the class made a book called "Our Mothers." I looked at the bookmark, the card, and the color page. How sweet! A few of the lines from the "I love you like" book were, "I love you like chocolate ice cream and I love you like dogs like bones." This book was really cute. Then, I got to read the "Our Mothers" book. Each child drew a picture for their mom and wrote a little something. Here is what Neo wrote.

"My mom's name is Christian. She is 27 years old. My mom always says "Go Play." She likes to read about what's going to happen when a baby comes out. She does not like to mow the grass. She is good at playing games with me, but she is not good at playing computer. My mom cooks the best fish. She likes to eat beans. Her favorite restaurant is Moreno's. My mom and I like to play together. When there are no kids around, my mom reads a book. I think my dad married my mom because they loved each other. I love my mom because she loves me. I know she loves me because she kisses me. I love you Mommy! You are the best Mommy I have. Love, Neo"

I laughed and cried. I guess I need to sharpen up on my computer game skills. I think it's funny that he says I like to eat beans of all things. Or, how about what I read. Ha Ha! Frankie and Neo took me to breakfast. We drove around for a while looking at neighborhoods then came home to relax. Neo has not been feeling well, so we wanted him to rest. Frankie and I worked on a project, then we had dinner and are finally winding down.

In other news, I finished up my first semester of grad school with an A! I am really excited. I will take an online class this summer.

Take care and Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms I know!