Christian's Corner


Another BOY!!!

Well, our second child is going to be a BOY! Frankie, Neo and I are really excited and can't wait to meet this new addition to our family. Frankie and I went to the doctor today and they did an ultrasound. It was great! We got to see the baby moving around, and the nurse pointed out all of the body parts. It is really amazing!

So, what next. Well, I am working on a list of things we want for the baby and his new room. I have not decided on a theme, but there are a few in the running. I will post a list in a few days. If you have some of Neo's baby stuff stored like swings, high chairs, stroller, car seat, bath tub, blankets, playpen, diaper bags, boppy pillow, monitors, baby clothes, or you know someone who has this lying around, please let us know. I would like to get an inventory so we can make a shopping list. We are coming in on Friday, May 18th or Saturday, May 19th for Emily's graduation (Congrats Em!). This would be a good time for us to pick up the stuff that we already have, so that we can make a list of what we need. We will then do some research to see what we would like to have for the remaining items. Thanks so much!


Pregnancy update

Well, things are going well overall this pregnancy. I am through the first stages of morning sickness. And, I am feeling more pregnant. My belly is growing, and I felt the baby kick last night. That is such a cool feeling. It is hard to describe, but one can imagine what it must be like to know that life is in you.

I go for my ultrasound on 4/30. I will keep you all updated. As long as the baby cooperates, we will be able to determine the gender. how fun!

please keep me and the baby in your prayers for a healthy baby and natural delivery. and please keep me, frankie, and neo in you prayers for continued patience and understanding. frankie and neo have been great and understanding that "mommy is tired, or needs to rest, or wants potato soup." thanks babe!

i hope everyone is well.

take care,