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So much to say

Well, I sit here and listen to the music that frankie put on my computer for my new ipod. it is really awesome. i traded in the zune to get the ipod because it was smaller. i really like the size and it is lime green! things have been a little hectic, and i find myself not writing as often as i would like. so here goes the really cool stuff that i have been meaning to write.

let's see what was first. well, we went on a disney vacation that was a land and sea package. we had a blast while we were in the parks. one of the most exciting things for me was to see the faces of neo and frankie when they got off of a really cool ride. i love that. this one is one of my favorites. its kind of blurry, but you get the point. i also loved getting natural pictures. neo has a really cute fish face here. he got a kick out of the finding nemo exhibits. we saw the turtle crush and actually got to talk to him. it was an interactive part of the seas exhibits, and he called on neo to ask him a question. he got a kick out of that too. one of the most magical moments was the fireworks display at magic kingdom. it was absolutely gorgeous. on sunday, we boarded the disney wonder. what a fun ship! it is surprisingly accomodating for all ages and groups. there were lots of activities for the kids and adults and families. i most remember the day at the bahamas when neo and frankie rented jet skis. they had a blast riding, while i relaxed on the beach! unfortunately neo got sick on the cruise, but he is doing better now. overall, great trip with the family.

next, i started school the monday we got back from vacation. let's see, going back to work and going to school, hello reality! school is exciting, a little more than i anticipated, so i am only taking one class. i say only, but the grad level classes are pretty intense. i guess we will see with the rest of the semester. i also dropped one class because, as many of you already know, i am pregnant.

the due date will be coming up before we know it. right along with the slew of birthdays later this year. i got to see the heartbeat today! i will post the pics of the ultrasound later. we are very excited and blessed to welcome this new person into our family. thanks for the support and love! we are really happy!

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