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Our new baby is here

Hello all,

Our new baby boy, Charlie, graced us with his presence on September 26th (the same day as Mr. CJ's birthday). He is beautiful, although I am a little partial. You can see more of the story here. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. We are both doing well and adjusting to life with a "party of four".

Many thanks to mom and Mrs. Lynn. I greatly appreciate the time you took out of your busy lives to come and help us out. From cooking to cleaning, you guys did it all, and found time to just talk. I am quite thankful to have you both in our lives.

Also a little late, thank you Frankie. You are a wonderful coach. Your support and understanding made my labor and hospital stay much more enjoyable. Thanks for being there for me when I needed it most. You are a great dad. I appreciate you taking the late late shift : ) and helping to calm me when my emotions are clearly out of whack. I am so fortunate to have you. I love you very much.

Many thanks and much appreciation to all,
christian : )


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