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So anxious...

We are all so excited about the new baby. We can not wait! Our bags are packed and the room is pretty much ready. I am feeling well and have a doctor's appointment today. I will let you guys know what she says.

We are looking forward to sharing this with you. We will definitely update the website and post pictures as soon as we get them. I know that Houston is not "next door," but would love to see you and have you over to see our family. I am not sure how long it will take us to get settled in, but if everything goes as planned we think that we will be ready for visitors one to two weeks after the birth. If you are able to come in to Houston, please talk with Frankie or myself so we can coordinate the visit and make sure that we are ready and that we don't have everyone here at the same time.

I look forward to visiting with all of you and sharing this special time in our lives.

Anxiously awaiting...
Christian :)


  • Hey Sweetie,
    You just let us know when you are ready and we will be there. And you say how long you want company and we can go from there. I know you guys are so loved and everyone wants some time with you but you also need to rest and get acclimated to having 3 boys in the house cute.
    Love you much,

    By Anonymous, at 7:51 AM  

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