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Neo's Birthday

I can't believe that Neo is almost 7 years old. The years go by SO fast! I started putting a list of items on Neo's wish list if you guys are interested. His party will be on Saturday, October 13 at Jump'n Jungle. We would love to see you there.

These are Neo's inputs:
- Wii games/controllers and accessories (email Frankie for specifics)
- a Jack Sparrow costume (I found this one on Disney's website - size M, the sword, patch and telescope are here) (I found another one that looks cool here)
- Animal Crossing DS game
- High School Musical DVD
- Transformers - Decepticons DS game

Things Frankie and I think he will like/need:
- Dave Barnes 'Chasing Mississipi' CD
- Marc Broussard 'Save our Soul' CD
- he needs some light long sleeve shirts for this winter (size 6)


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