Christian's Corner


Winter break

Wow! I am having a wonderful holiday break! We headed to LA for christmas. neo planned and held his first christmas party. the company was wonderful, and the food was delicious. thanks to all who made it. we were so glad to have you all over.

i got to visit my aunt rocky, who recently graduated from UL. Go aunt rocky! we are all so proud of you.

we had lots of fun at emily, brent and kam's house. the fire works show was great! and, it was really cool to see the boys wake up on christmas morning. much fun was had by all, and we are now back in houston.

neo and i decided to get some qt since we are back. we ate at the cheesecake factory, and lets just say how much i enjoyed their 6 carb cheesecake! it is sweetened with splenda and is REALLY good! after eating we went ice skating. a little bit of a rough start, but still a good time. finally, we headed to the children's museum. i am so impressed with that place. neo and i had a great time. today, neo went to work with frankie and i brought us lunch. it was nice to have some quiet time this morning. neo and i just went to see the movie happy feet. it was cute and funny. well, i have some planning to do for our disney trip, so that is all for now. i hope that everyone had a great holiday. happy new year to you all. may you be blessed this coming year and for many more to come.