Christian's Corner


Fun with Neo

I am having a blast with my 5 year old son. He is so awesome. We got to spend some time just us this weekend. We played lots of DS, and we even beat the game. We finished neo's homework, went to the movies, got ice cream, ate at sonic, went to church, watched a movie and i cooked spaghetti this afternoon(which we loved). now we are relaxing and are winding down getting ready for this week. time is going by real fast. i will always remember the times he looks at me and says "love ya mom". what a great kid.


Clean up

I was tired a lot this week, and got some energy around Friday that lasted through today. I got a cleaning spurt this morning and watch out...I have been cleaning and cooking almost all day. I went to HEB to pick up some things for dinner and stuff we needed for next week. Frankie BBQed hamburgers, sausage, hot dogs, and bacon wrapped shrimp that were stuffed with cheese. Yummmy! You did a great job babe. I made rice dressing and 5-cheese garlic bread. We have tons of food left over. We are going to have great lunches this week at work.

I hope all is well for all of you. Take care and many blessings.


Parent Night

Neo and I went grocery shopping today. I started clipping coupons a while back and today I saved $12. Woo hoo. After we got back, Frankie came home and I went to Parent Night at Neo's school. Ms. France talked about the normal stuff and how the day goes and what to do about lunch money. She is really nice, and I can see why Neo likes her. We got a list of sight words for Neo to look over for the year. As I glanced through them, I noticed that a lot of them he already knows. We will have to find some creative way for him to stay busy and not get bored. Well, I am ready to call it a day. Have a great week.


1 down, many more to go

Well, I could not wait to hear what neo had to say about his first day of kindergarten. I picked him up around 4:30, and he was ready to talk. He says the bus ride was cool and his teacher is nice and the playground is neat. he had a baked potato and veggies for lunch with chocolate milk. he had several things for us to post on the fridge.

i am glad they started late in the week. it gives them a chance to get a taste and get to business next week. personally, i am ready for a nice, relaxing weekend. it has been a long week.

First Day of School

Wow, my baby boy just left for his first day of school. He chose to ride the bus this morning instead of me bringing him. He was really excited. Check out his first day of school pics. We talked about me bringing him, but I think that he will be okay since we did the meet and greet last night. I think I am okay too. Yeah right! I can't wait to pick him up this afternoon and see his reaction to his first day of school. I will post more after I pick him up.


New Beginnings

Neo had his last day of Montessori today. I picked him up at 2:00 and he gave a thank you card and chocolates to his old teachers. Then, we were off to meet his new teacher, Ms. Melissa France. There were tons of cars at the school, and I think Neo may have been a little overwhelmed with the large crowd of people looking for their children's classrooms. We made it to the room and there were several other kids with their parents inside. We met Ms. France, and dropped off Neo's school supplies. She told Neo that she is excited for school to start. The room is decorated really cute and I know that Neo will have a good time. She wrote each one of them a letter on a postcard, and had a "magic gem." She wrote a note for them to put it under their pillow so they can have good dreams about coming to Kindergarten, and she was ready to see them tomorrow to have some fun. How cute. We met up with some of Neo's friends from his old school. They are not in his class, but we found out that one of them is going to stay after school with the YMCA like Neo. Neo was excited about that. And, I think he will like seeing a familiar face. Well, tomorrow is the first day, and I will definitely bring my box of tissues. Check back for updates for Neo's First Week in Kindergarten.


Tiki Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend in Tiki Island with Emily, Kameron and Ann. We got to hang out, cook, go to the beach, eat out, fish and ride on the golf cart. Thanks so much for inviting us, we had a blast. The boys also had lots of fun together. Emily, Kam and Ann came to visit on Monday. We enjoyed your visit. Take care!


Latest Updates

This is a busy week. Work is hectic, but good. I have had several errands here and there, and I have gotten them all done. I finished the necklace and earrings this weekend for the wedding. They came out really nice. I hope they enjoy them. I cleaned out the Prizm and I am getting ready to sell it. It has really been a good car for me. So, if anyone knows someone who would like to buy it, let me know. The A/C works really well and it gets great gas mileage. Mom and dad are coming in on Thursday for the night. We are excited to see them. Emily and Kameron are coming around Galveston this weekend, so we may visit them. I know Neo loves to play with Kameron.

Neo starts kindergarten next Thursday. Can you believe it? My little boy is going to be in school. We finshed getting his supplies this weekend, and I think he is excited. I will probably want to bring him to school Thursday and Friday so that I know what is going on, and feel comfortable with the set up. But, he will be riding the bus from then on. He is really excited about the bus. I think he will do well with school.