Christian's Corner


Maid of Honor Jewelry

I am making the maid of honor's jewelry for a friends wedding. I am really excited and have some cool ideas. The wedding is in California. It has been a while since I made some necklaces. I forgot how much I enjoy it. I hope she enjoys it too.

Our Bedroom

We moved the furniture into our bedroom this weekend. It looks great. Frankie and I put a few decorations in the room, and I would love to have mom over to finish the decorating (you're good at that mom). The green is so relaxing. I can't wait to get a headboard, a dresser and add the final touches. Eventually.


The weekend is here!

What a long week. I am excited for the weekend. We slept in this morning - nice! We have a few things lined up, but I hope we can get some relaxing in there somewhere. I am going to try to finish school supply shopping for Neo. And, maybe find some school clothes for him. He has grown out of last years sizes. We are going to move the furniture in our room and get some stuff around the house knocked out. Hope everyone has a very good weekend!


We finished!

Well, we finished the bedroom. We got everything cleaned up and we are ready to put our bed and furniture in! I am thrilled, and can't wait to decorate. Check out the pics on the Graffagnino website. We'll post new pics once the furniture is in.


Our New Room

Well, we cleared out our bedroom this weekend and started painting. We put up crown moulding and baseboards. We have just a little left to clean up and put together. I am really pumped about it. It looks awesome! Thanks so much Frankie, John and Neo...You guys are awesome. I appreciate all of your hard work.


What a weekend!

About a month ago, I decided that I wanted to go back to school to get my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Yep, I have thought about it for a while now and guess I got a wild hair and decided it was time. The company I work for is chipping in. Whew! I decided that I would look into UHCL, because I really liked finishing my Bachelors Degree there. There were several requirements, like sending in an admission form - yes, you have to be accepted, taking the required admission tests - the GMAT- and of course payment.

I took the GMAT Saturday morning. I was not feeling the greatest, but did not want to lose out on the $250. It was kind of difficult. I got an unofficial score after taking the exam that is higher than UHCL requires for admission. :) The parts not scored were the writing sections. I think I did okay on those, so hopefully the score I got will not go down any. I will send in my admission, and wait for my scores to be sent, then wait to see if I have been accepted. Hopefully, I can start this spring. I have to save up to pay for the first and second semesters because of the delay in reimbursement. We'll see how that goes.

Our fridge went out last week. I think I ate something funky...My stomach was crazy all weekend. I tried to rest this weekend, but we had lots to do. We had to throw away practically everything in our fridge and freezer. We got our new fridge on Sunday. It's neat. I really like it. Anyway, I went shopping today. I started clipping coupons (gotta save that money for school), and ended up saving $20. We now have food again! Love it!

LYS will be next week. Super Great! I have been on the Executive Committee for a while now as General Manager. I ordered t-shirts, trophies, and have been searching for a cool gift for the Hall of Fame inductees. Each year LYS inducts people into the HOF that have given at least 10 years of service to LYS. It's a really special award. I found some cute fleur-de-lis stuff and think we may go with that. You all know how much I love LYS. I look forward to being a part of it for many years to come!

Neo will start school next month! I can not believe it is almost here. Time flies when you are having fun. He is really excited and anxious. I can not wait to see how his first days go. I got some of his school supplies this weekend at Walmart. I have a few more to get at a local supply shop.

Other than that, things here in Graffagninoland have been wonderful. Frankie and I are very happy, even though things keep breaking. We are finding out more and more how awesome our relationship is and know that the best is yet to come. Neo is having fun. And, we are all healthy. Thank God!

Well, that's the latest in my corner. Chat with me soon. Have a great week :)


First Post

This will be my place to add stuff going on in my life. Check back often to hear updates for personal topics. Our Graffagnino homepage will include family stuff. And, this will be for me to blab. Have a great weekend!