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New Beginnings

Neo had his last day of Montessori today. I picked him up at 2:00 and he gave a thank you card and chocolates to his old teachers. Then, we were off to meet his new teacher, Ms. Melissa France. There were tons of cars at the school, and I think Neo may have been a little overwhelmed with the large crowd of people looking for their children's classrooms. We made it to the room and there were several other kids with their parents inside. We met Ms. France, and dropped off Neo's school supplies. She told Neo that she is excited for school to start. The room is decorated really cute and I know that Neo will have a good time. She wrote each one of them a letter on a postcard, and had a "magic gem." She wrote a note for them to put it under their pillow so they can have good dreams about coming to Kindergarten, and she was ready to see them tomorrow to have some fun. How cute. We met up with some of Neo's friends from his old school. They are not in his class, but we found out that one of them is going to stay after school with the YMCA like Neo. Neo was excited about that. And, I think he will like seeing a familiar face. Well, tomorrow is the first day, and I will definitely bring my box of tissues. Check back for updates for Neo's First Week in Kindergarten.


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