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This is a busy week. Work is hectic, but good. I have had several errands here and there, and I have gotten them all done. I finished the necklace and earrings this weekend for the wedding. They came out really nice. I hope they enjoy them. I cleaned out the Prizm and I am getting ready to sell it. It has really been a good car for me. So, if anyone knows someone who would like to buy it, let me know. The A/C works really well and it gets great gas mileage. Mom and dad are coming in on Thursday for the night. We are excited to see them. Emily and Kameron are coming around Galveston this weekend, so we may visit them. I know Neo loves to play with Kameron.

Neo starts kindergarten next Thursday. Can you believe it? My little boy is going to be in school. We finshed getting his supplies this weekend, and I think he is excited. I will probably want to bring him to school Thursday and Friday so that I know what is going on, and feel comfortable with the set up. But, he will be riding the bus from then on. He is really excited about the bus. I think he will do well with school.


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