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Clean up

I was tired a lot this week, and got some energy around Friday that lasted through today. I got a cleaning spurt this morning and watch out...I have been cleaning and cooking almost all day. I went to HEB to pick up some things for dinner and stuff we needed for next week. Frankie BBQed hamburgers, sausage, hot dogs, and bacon wrapped shrimp that were stuffed with cheese. Yummmy! You did a great job babe. I made rice dressing and 5-cheese garlic bread. We have tons of food left over. We are going to have great lunches this week at work.

I hope all is well for all of you. Take care and many blessings.


  • I had a great weekend babe... and of course... I forgot my lunch today :(

    By Frankie, at 8:09 AM  

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