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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
There are quite a few events to report on!

Neo and I had two camping trips this month in the new tent. The first was just him and I. We tried out the tent and had fun fishing and hiking. The second trip was with the cub scouts. I think Neo had lots of fun both times. I went ahead and combined all the pictures from both trips into one folder in the Events section called "2009 - March camping trips". Highlights included seeing snakes and alligators, Neo getting a corn snake laid around his neck (his favorite part), Neo catching way more fish than me, noisy armadillos, sneaky racoons, campfires, and amazing breakfast meals like this one:

Also this month, Christian took the kids to a local farm to pick strawberries. You can see all the pictures here.

And lastly, we made a trip to the park and had a picnic. That was a fun day. Pictures from that are here.

We are looking forward to more of this weather so we can spend more time outdoors!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009
After quite a bit of research and shopping, Neo and I finally got our new tent. We decided on the "Kelty Gunnison 4.1". I like the fact that it has aluminum poles instead of fiberglass, and that it has two doors and two vestibules. It is a 4 person tent, but light enough to be just on the hairy edge of a backpacking tent.

We set it up in the living room and it is pretty cool. Should be plenty big enough for me and the boys and also big enough for all of us if we just want to use it to sleep. When the boys get older, I'm sure they will want their own tent anyway.

Looking forward to a few tent camping trips this year!

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