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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Just a reminder to those on my side of the family that we did pull names this year!!! If you did not get a name, please let me or christian know.

The limit this year is $50. This is reasonable if you _ONLY_ buy a gift for the person you pulled.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
I hate getting this far behind on my posts. Since my last post, so much has went on. Let me see if I can touch on the major events.

A few weekends ago, Neo and I joined Paw-Paw, Vince, and Ethan at "Mr. Don's camp". Mr. Don is a friend of my dad, and he graciously allowed us to go up there and he gave up his entire weekend driving us around to deer stands and taking us out on the lake. What an amazing weekend! It was so nice to get away. The boys had an awesome time spending time with Paw-Paw.

A highlight for Neo was that he received his first BB gun before the trip. We used the time to practice walking with a gun and learning about gun safety with his BB gun. He did a great job and tore up some cans pretty good.

You can see all the pictures from our trip to Mr. Don's camp here.

Next up was a couple of events with cub scouts. First, Neo received his bobcat badge! He was very excited.

Then, Neo and I got to go sleep on the Battleship Texas!! We had a great time.

You can see all the pictures from the battleship sleepover here.

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