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Saturday, March 15, 2008
We are back from our trip and had a great time. The plane rides all seemed to work out well. The hotel stay was nice. The rental car worked out. We did have a few hiccups, but overall, it had to be considered a great success.

Our view of the shuttle launch was brief like I said in the previous post, but the night launch was truly spectacular. You can see our view in the video below:

After the launch, we did quite a few things. We swam at the hotel pool and made a brief trip to the beach.

We also went to a interactive science museum called "Wonder Works". Probably the coolest part about the place is that the building is built as if it is an upside down house that crashed into another building:

We also went to a dinner magic show there that we all really enjoyed.

The trip also included a few games of putt-putt, a father son go-cart race, plenty of time in the car, fun in the hotel room, and ice-cream.

These few pictures don't really do the trip much justice though. You should really check them all out here.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
What an amazing launch, even though it was short. The low cloud layer caused the rocket to disappear pretty quickly, but for that short moment, we watched what seemed like the sun coming up. The sky lit up like a hole in space expanding to let in a light behind it.

I have a small video from my camera that I can post when we get back.

Overall, even though it was short, and the wait was long. It was worth it.

Now we are just enjoying the time remaining: relaxing, swimming at the pool, and having a good time.



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