October 26, 2021


Saturday, December 30, 2006
Ok, I've got the pictures up on the website. You can see the pictures Christian and I took in the Christmas 2006 folder, along with the subfolder of pics from vince and amy.

And I've also got Neo's website all synced with his new computer/camera setup so that as he takes pictures and comes home and docks it, the pictures will show up on the website the next day, so be sure to check it for updates. You can see his pictures here.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
We really enjoyed Christmas 2006. We are still working to get some things in order here at home now that we are back, and I haven't gotten the pictures off of my camera yet to put on the website (or from neo's camera for that matter), but I will definitely do that soon.

After work I have been working to get a different computer set up for neo so mom can use his current one. Once I do that, hopefully i can set up another method to post his pictures to his website.

But thanks again to everyone who let us invade. It was a great trip. The food was second only to the company. Also, thanks to everyone who gave Neo all of the great gifts. He had a great Christmas.


Sunday, December 03, 2006
The Christmas season is upon is! Neo is about to burst with excitement. He has spent alot of time making his wish-list. His Christmas wish list is linked to from his page.

We are having a wonderful weekend. We BBQ'd yesterday and had some amazing bacon-wrapped pork thingies (bacon-wrapped pork? I guess that is redundant isn't it...). And today, Christian fired up the slow-cooker and made an ubelievable dish with meat that fell apart if you just stared at it.

Looking forward to Christmas, although we are a bit unsure of Christmas plans. Eventually I am going to set the bulletin board back up to discuss these things. For now, let's get the emails flowin'.

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