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Sunday, March 19, 2006
I rant alot. There are certain things that bother me that I cannot keep to myself. I probably shouldn't do that on the web... but what the heck... it's my website.

Welcome to Frankie's rant session. Topic of the day: Sony.

What would you say if I told you that a very large company believes that you have been stealing things from the grocery store. It doesn't matter that no one at this company even knows you, or has even the slightest amount of proof that you have stolen something, but they say it anyhow. And thus, they sneak into your home one night, hide a video camera that sends the video back to them, and wire it up such that if you try to remove it, you could destory all of your electrical equipment in your home. And on their way out, they give keys to your home to everyone who wants a set. Oh, and don't think about calling the police, government officials, or anyone else that you expect protection from: they have already collaborated with them and paid them off and they won't be willing to help you.

Welcome to Sony. This is how they treat their customers. Sony has included software on some of it's music CDs that will install itself onto your computer, even if you explicitly tell it not to. It will install malicous backdoors onto your computer, phone home to deliver data, and cause your computer to become unstable. It will hide itself so that it is very hard for anyone to find. This type of program is known as a "rootkit" and it opens a security hole that people can use to gain access to your machine.

Furthermore, Norton antivirus, McAfee, and others didn't even detect this as a vulnerability until the public outcry was so large that they couldn't ignore it. Makes you wonder if we are really safe with them looking out for our security.

I just can't understand it. I don't understand where someone would get even the slightest hint that "it is ok to install malicious software on all of our customers machines, because we are a large corporation trying to protect our profits".

This is horrible, but it is par for the course for the music industry. These morons will produce crappier and crappier products, engage in illegal price fixing, sue their customers, control every radio station on the planet so that only their music gets played, try to shut down every other radio station on the internet not paying royalties to them, and then complain to congressman that their profits are falling and something must be done. They have laws catered to their broken industry.

And we as the consumers, let it happen. Well, after this latest debacle with Sony, I can honestly say that I will never buy another Sony product again, and I encourage all of you to do the same.


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