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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Well, it took us a few weekends, but we finally finished putting the finishing touches on the awesome jewelry and lingerie chest that Paw-Paw G made for Christian. It is beautiful, and I'm sure Christian will enjoy it.

You can see all the details of what we did, and all of the pictures on my project page here. Thanks Paw-Paw!!
Sunday, February 06, 2005
Scuba diving was incredible. Christian and I were blown away by how much fun it was and how beautiful it was down there. We might look into going and getting certified. After scuba diving, we shopped around a bit in Cozumel, and got back on the boat for the ride home.

The ride home was a bit choppy, so the boat was moving a good bit. Luckily, it looks like I don't get sea-sick and Christian and I were not bothered by it.

The last night, we packed up all of our stuff (in somewhat of a hurry) and put it outside of our door. That night, about 20 minutes after they take our bags, Christian pops out of bed and realized that she packed all of her shoes and socks... she had nothing to wear on her feet in the morning.

The next morning, I almost had to fight to convince the gift shop guys to sell me a pair of shoes for her. Technically, it is illegal for them to open the shops or sell anything while in port, but I explained to them that me going back to my room and my angry wife without a pair of shoes was not an option. Eventually, the guy let me do it and I heroically showed up in the room with a pair of shoes. I think those shoes will serve as the best memoir for this cruise. I can just picture Christian going through customs in New Orleans barefoot.

After getting off the boat, we got a rental car and drove back to Lafayette without incident, anxious to see our boy. We had a great time on our vacation, but we were ready to come home. Back to work and real life.

You can see all the pictures in the "Events" section.
Thursday, February 03, 2005
It's been a while since my last post.

As predicted, Tuesday was a very lazy day on the ship. We received an unexpected bottle of champagne from Carnival. We had complained Monday night of a smell in our room - it smelled like gas or acetone. Turns out that they were doing some painting and some of the fumes got sucked up by the A/C. It was gone by Tuesday morning, but the champaigne was a welcome surprise.

Yesterday was Jamaica. That place is pretty much a shit-hole. It is dirty and doesn't appear to be safe to travel in any way. The people are so aggressive and will hassle you to sell you anything. Some of them were beating on the windows of the bus trying to sell us things.

Our guide also thought it would be good to explain to us why Jamaica was better than the U.S.A. and how their city had tap water available before New York City. At the end of the excursion, she proceeded to ask us to remember Jamaica and to come visit with our friends. No thanks. I hope the cruise boats don't stop there in the future. Nobody likes getting hassled everywhere they go.

Today was Grand Cayman. Wow. What a difference. We did not get hassled one time. Not once. People were nice. And even though there was still extensive damage from the hurricane, things were generally clean.

We hung out on 7-mile beach for a while and then went to an Irish pub. It is called Fidel Murphy's, and it is owned by the brother-in-law of a guy that I work with. It was very impressive. Christian and I both had a glass of cider and an appetizer and then headed back to the ship.

Tomorrow is scuba diving in Cozumel. Christian and I are both very excited!
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Well, I didn't think it was possible, but the winds are even worse this morning. The ship is bouncing around a good bit, but knowing how incredibly strong the winds are out there makes me believe that this is an incredible stable ship.

Let me see if I can remember what we did yesterday.

After touring a lot of the ship, I went and gambled a bit. I managed to play BlackJack for about 2 hours and break even. But, on my way to the cashier, I tried $25 on the "Pass Line" - now I remember why they call it craps. Later, Christian and I tried our luck on the "Wheel-of-Fortune" machine. We kept feeding it money until it let Christian spin the wheel (which is all we wanted). I think we are done with the gambling portion of our cruise.

We also played in the arcade, listened to some dixie-land jazz, ate lunch on the promenade deck, and watched part of an art auction.

Last night was formal night and it was neat to see everyone dressed up, especially the older couples. Dinner was amazing and so was dessert. I had the lobster tail (which our waiter had to show me how to cut) AND the filet-mignon. After dinner, we went to the Las Vegas style show and the adult comedy show. Both were pretty good.

Christian and I had breakfast in bed this morning and then she went to her massage. I think today will be a pretty lazy day at sea.


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