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Saturday, August 21, 2004
In anticipation of Christian's graduation this December, we went ahead and booked our cruise for January. We are very excited. Not only does it look like a great cruise, but we got a really good deal. We found this site,, which lets travel agents bid on your requested travel package (kind of like This turned out to be a great, no-hassle, free service that got us a great deal. The travel agent the we went with is Cruise Vacation Outlet. Hopefully nothing turns sour before now and January.

So, we are sailing out of New Orleans on January 30th. The ship is the Carnival Conquest, and it is the 12th largest cruise liner in the world. As we plan our trip, I'll post the details.
Sunday, August 15, 2004
I had an interesting weekend. I have always wanted to clean up a bit more in the garage so we can easily park both cars in there. And, with Christian and Neo in Lafayette to visit family, well, there was no better time.

So, I decided to go see what I could move around to make more room on the sides so both of the cars would fit. I didn't have enough room to store things, so I decided I would buy some plywood and put it down in the attic to give me more storage space. After buying the plywood, I realized that the 4' x 8' sheets would not fit up the attic stair! I needed to cut them up - but I didn't have a circular saw!

I went to home depot and bought a saw. All I would need to do is cut the plywood, lay the floor, move the things into the attic, and then have room for two cars.

After cutting the plywood and screwing it down, I began moving things into the attic. I quickly learned that the refrigerator on the side was too deep and would cut into my usable space. No problem, I'll just move the refrigerator to the back wall, and then reorganize everything.

Well, there was no outlet on that wall. No problem - I have some extra house wiring - I'll just run an outlet over there, move the refrigerator, then finish moving things into the attic.

Of course when I went to tie in the line to the nearest outlet box, it was alread being split - there was no more room. I needed to add a junction box. Junction box - outlet - refrigerator - more space - two cars.

Bought a junction box, tied in the electric line, went to find a place in the wall for the outlet. Upon tapping on the wall, I found a large section of tape! Not sheetrock - a big taped up hole! Well, this made it a bit easier to install my outlet box, but now I had a big hole to fill. Outlet box - sheetrock - sheetrock mud - move refrigerator - more space... I'm getting tired.

I had a few more problems, but this post is getting way too long. As you can see, my weekend was full of fun and excitement. I was able to lay down the plywood, buy a new saw, install an electrical junction box, run an outlet, patch a hole in the sheetrock, move the refrigerator, and reorganize the garage. Now, I think we can finally fit two cars in there. Pictures are here.
Friday, August 13, 2004
OK, I made a few last tweaks to Neo's website. Be sure to check it out and sign his guestbook.
Monday, August 09, 2004
Yesterday, I began working on a website for Neo. It's coming along ok, but it isn't finished yet. You can check it out here.

Also, look at the bed that paw-paw graffagnino made for Kameron!! Awesome!!


Thursday, August 05, 2004
After getting some more data, I put up a comparison plot showing the difference in temperature before and after my new attic ventilation. Overall, I am satisfied with the results. Regardless of the temperature drop, this was something we needed to remove humidity from the attic and to preserve the life of the roof. You can see the comparison on my attic ventilation project page.
I added a section to my projects page for our utilities usage (use the tabs at the bottom to switch pages). I think this will further motivate us to reduce our energy consumption :)

Also, there is a new, cute picture of Ethan in his directory of him playing in a cowboy hat.
Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Sorry about being a little late with the pictures from this weekend - I have been a bit swamped at work.

You can see pictures from our visit this weekend here. We really had a great time and are glad that Blake and Chelsea found some time to get away before school started.

Along with those pics, I have put up some new pics of Gracie, Neo, and Ethan. Be sure to check them out.

Also, last night I supported the EVA on the space station. Some pics from the TV are here.


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