April 12, 2021


Sunday, September 16, 2007
Well, we had a good weekend, but no baby yet.

I have been worried for a while about Neo adjusting once the new addition arrives. Mainly, I was concerned about him not being able to play with me and mom, and not really having many other kids to play with.

And then, yesterday, this kid rides by on his bike, gets a little past the house, stops, and yells, "Hey!"

Neo said, "What?"

"You wanna go ride bikes?"


The kids name is John, and they spent all weekend together. He is a great kid with great manners. Christian and I met his parents this morning and they played together all day again (and were hard to separate). Later in the afternoon I took them for ice-cream. It looked like they had a really great weekend. They are already discussing sleep-overs and how soon they can get together and play again. Reminds me of the friendship I had with a friend named Karl growing up.

So, it was a good weekend, and we are waiting patiently for the new one. If you think you might be able to make it into Houston to visit after the baby comes, please check out Christian's post on her blog for more info. We want to coordinate visits so that we are aware of who is coming and when.

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