July 2, 2020


Friday, May 18, 2007
Neo has been sick this week. After watching him last weekend to see if he would get any better, we took him to the doctor on Monday. He wasn't feeling that bad, he just had a fever.

The doctor thought it was bronchitis as she could hear some congestion in his upper left lung. She prescribed an anti-biotic and some cough medicine.

Throughout the week, the fever has been getting steadily better and the cough steadily worse. Neo is getting frustrated from coughing all the time, so we took him back to the doctor today. She switched antibiotics and also prescribed a breathing treatment to help control the cough and open his lungs up.

I'm sure he will get better over the next few days, but we won't be able to make it in to Lafayette this weekend for Aunt Em's graduation. Sorry Em. We are very proud of you. Congrats on your college degree. Also congrats to mom and dad for somehow managing to raise 3 kids and get them all through college.

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