July 9, 2020


Sunday, May 06, 2007
Finally, some big progress on the treehouse this weekend.

On Saturday, first we had Neo's soccer game. Neo did great. He had two good stops as goalies and is starting to get better on offense.

Afterwards, we worked on the treehouse and Mr. Borland gave us a hand raising the larger pieces need to make the roof frame. After getting things together and bolted down, we put the tarp over and - "tada" - we had a roof.

On Sunday, Neo and I worked really hard to start putting up all of the handrail. We got 99% of it done, but we need a few more boards to finish off the corners. Also, we need some sandpaper so that we can sand everything down smooth. So next weekend, after getting some supplies at Home Depot, I'm sure we can knock out the rest. After that, we will start putting in fun stuff.

Pictures are below:

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