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Sunday, March 04, 2007
It's been a long time since the last post, and I wish I could say it was because not much has been going on, but tons of things have been going on. Every time I sit down and decide to update the website, I get focused on something else. I guess, with another one on the way, I should start getting used to this. My buddy said, "Dude, a husband and wife with one child is a well-oiled machines. A husband and wife with two kids ...".

Looking at the last post date, Jan 28th... wow. A lot a has happened since then. I'm trying to remember where we were over a month ago.

First up, room reorganization is in full swing. We decided to change the dining room into the office. That prompted a quick remodel with new paint, crown moulding, base moulding, and window blinds. Here is a link to before pictures and after pictures.

Next up was the kitchen pantry. Mrs. Pam and Mr. Troy were in town a few weekends ago and Mr. Troy and I got in that excuse for a pantry and made a REAL pantry out of it. We were able to extend the pantry under the stairs for some added space and put in plenty of shelves. We dressed it up with moulding and new tile flooring. I think it came out really well, although the funky stud arrangement caused us to go through a few redesigns. You can see before pictures and after pictures. Thank you so much Mr. Troy (and Mrs. Pam, she helped out with painting a ton!). Christian, Neo, and I all are really enjoying the new pantry.

But Mrs. Pam did way more than paint. Her and Christian went on a spring cleaning rampage, which I couldn't have been more happy with. Mrs. Pam and Christian went through her entire closet and threw out tons of things that Christian no longer wears. They also went through some boxes of clothes for both Christian and I, and some saved clothes in the hall closet and got rid of a bunch more. Yay!

And to top it all off, the girls spruced up the living room with some new curtains and Mr. Troy and I installed some new blinds. Boy does the living room look a lot better. I don't have any pictures of it, but it really does change the room. Thanks guys... thanks a million.

The next room to remodel will be the master bedroom, but we will need to get the foundation repaired before we do too much on that one. Ouch.

And that's just stuff about the house. What else is going on?

Christian is getting over the morning sickness period. She still contends with sporadic blood-sugar levels, but overall she is doing better. Neo is still very anxious and curious about what life will be like with the new baby. He and I both.

Neo is doing great. He has been doing very well at school lately. Christian and I cross our fingers to see how long this run of good behavior will last. He is a great kid.

On Mondays, Christian has school so I pick Neo up from school. Since we are on our own for food, we have turned this into a "dinner" night for us. The rules are that we go out to try out new types of food and cannot eat at the same place twice. Also, we can't do fast food, unless it is a local mom-and-pop type place. So far, we haven't tried too much, but last week we tried Italian. I told him he could get anything except spaghetti. He had a chicken dish that he seemed to like. Next week we are going to try Indian food.

Also, in my last post, I told you guys I would be posting some lists. One would be the list of things we are giving away so that you guys could take your pic. I don't have that list ready yet.

The other list is the "lookout" list of things we need. Here is the first cut of the list. If you know the whereabouts of any of these items, please email me and let me know.

  • Baby swing

  • High-chair

  • Stroller

  • Playpen

  • Diaper bags

  • Diaper genie

  • Boppy pillow

  • Jumper

  • Baby monitor

  • Misc items such as:

    • Bibs

    • Nooks

    • sippy cups

    • bottles

    • a babysitter

  • ... etc.

Please keep an eye out for any of those things. In a couple of months we will take stock of what we have and what we are missing.

Oh, and mom got her a new laptop. Not only that, but she set it up by herself, reconfigured her home network router and DSL modem, set up a home network, enabled wireless, and connected to her wireless with her new laptop. All by herself. Good job mom. I'm proud of you. Don't be afraid to hit buttons and try things.

And lastly, we just signed up Neo for his first season of soccer at the YMCA. He really wanted to try it out. I have no idea what to tell him. I don't know the first thing about soccer. Perhaps that is best. I just tell him to kick it hard.

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Anonymous Frank D. said...

Hey dude!

Decided, on a whim to check out your website... and found out you're going to have a baby! Wow, outstanding and congratulations! Also, we have an older stroller, actually more of a real "baby carriage" in our garage that you're welcome to. We haven't used it in years, but if I recall it was in pretty good shape and is one of those higher end brands... perabo or perego... or something like that. We might have other stuff as well up in the attic... I'll have to ask Michele. Anyway, just let me know! - Frank

10:25 PM  

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