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Thursday, January 18, 2007
I am sitting in the Orlando airport right now waiting for our flight back to Houston. Since we have quite a while to sit here, I figured I would check some email and also fill you guys in on our trip.

Overall, I am very pleased with our first big family vacation. I am anxious to go home and book our vacation for next year, although we have one last piece of information we have to settle before we can set it up. Not sure where we are going to go yet, but I do know we are going somewhere.

Neo had a great time traveling for the first time. He liked the plane ride and really enjoyed Disney World. He has taken a liking to roller-coasters and he and I rode all of 'em. He rode Goofy's Barnstormer, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and even Expedition Everest (Disney's new big coaster). It was so fun to ride those with him.

The cruise was also nice, although we dealt with a lot of health issues. Thankfully, no one got motion sickness although the boat was rocking like a horse sometimes. I started out with some sort of nasal infection. Neo picked it up as well, and eventually progressed to a full fever and he didn't want to get out of bed. Our last couple of days were spent in our stateroom trying to nurse him back to health.

It was almost funny how many things started to hit us during the cruise. The ship was bucking like a rodeo horse. Neo was sick. Then the paint and varnish fumes filled our room which made us nauseated. Then while we slept in the 8 foot waves, our closet doors would slide back and forth and slam up against the closet walls. Christian and I got up about 5 times to engineer different solutions using towels, shoes, luggage, life vests, etc. Neo woke up this morning and started walking like a zombie to the bathroom and made a very angry comment about the bathroom door rattling in the night... Christian and I were laughing pretty hard.

So, even though the cruise was not ideal, I understand that travelling with children will never be ideal. We made the most of it and made lots of good memories. Funny stories to ask us about... the banana in the bag, "take a left at the pineapple", and "if you want a cake, ask for one". haha... I'm laughing just writing them down.

I don't have pictures up on the website yet, but I will soon. We took pictures both with Neo's camera and with ours so we have quite a few. I will let you know when I have them up on the websites.

We had a good first trip, and I am looking forward to many more family vacations.

oh yeah... How bout dem Saints!!! Who Dat!! ... that made the vacation just a little bit sweeter :)

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