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Sunday, October 01, 2006
Sorry about not keeping up with the posts.

A lot has been going on. John and I had a great trip into Louisiana for career day at UL. Also, Christian had a good birthday weekend. She hasn't posted yet, but I'm sure she will have a few words about it on her blog soon :)

There are lots of birthdays going on... there was Christian's this weekend... Neo's next weekend... Kam's this weekend... Dad's last week... Mom's this week... Mrs. Pam's this week...Paw Paw's coming up... geez. I don't know why I am surprised... it is this way every year :)

There are also a few pics of Neo at baseball in his folder for this month.

Speaking of Neo... if you plan on coming in from out of town for Neo's birthday next week, please be sure to let Christian and I know that you are definitely coming so that we can organize sleeping arrangements. Thanks! As far as gifts for him... clothes are good... XBOX games (regular XBOX, not 360) and Nintendo DS games are good... he doesn't play with typical toys and action figures much. Money is also good - he has a bank and knows what it is like to save money, so he will appreciate it.

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Anonymous Keith said...

Happy b-day to all.

Our family has a concentration right around Christmas.

And don't even think about rolling Christmas and birthday into the same for my dad... he'll start the whole childhood trauma of birthday and Christmas being close...

He has to be the only older adult who -has- to have a party... or we'll all relive the nightmare of his youth, "-You- didn't give me a party because it is close to Christmas. How do -you- think it feels to have a birthday around Christmas?!?! Huh?"

10:29 PM  

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