May 23, 2019


Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Things are great around here, except for the rain. It seems like it has been raining on and off for almost 3 weeks now. And the grass... well, we can still see the top of the mailbox... if we put the flag up.

The new room is amazing. What a difference a couple of weekends can make. The next room will probably be the dining room.

We decided to splurge and go out to eat Mexican on Monday. Neo always gets the same thing... "Cheese enchiladas no beans double rice, please," he rattles off to the waiter as he hands away his menu. What a rascal. We were eating and talking and noticed that Neo had pulled all of the cheese off to one side... and then he said, "Look... now they are just 'chiladas'". It took us a second, but then Christian and I realized that he thought they were called "Cheese and Chiladas" all along. That guy cracks me up.


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