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Sunday, July 02, 2006
After months of experimenting and playing, I finally got our Asterisk PBX set up. What is it? Well, basically it is an entire PBX system. With it, I can be a mini phone company of sorts. I'm using an all in one distribution known as Trixbox

In fact, the plan is to eventually get some IP phones for all of the extended family members that have broadband internet access and give them their own extension. For example, Vince and Amy could be extension 105, Emily and Brent could be extension 107, etc. Then, to call each other, we simply dial the extension. Or, if you want to dial out, you could simpy dial a prefix, and then dial a regular phone number. Of course, dialing out costs us some money, but it is pretty cheap (about 3 cents a minute). And of course calls to other extensions are completely free. I'm anxious to see how it evolves. I think it could be a very powerful system.

Right now, we can dial out through our VoIP phone service, or through the bluetooth connection on Christian's cell phone. Also, I automatically route 911 calls through Christian's cell phone. Lastly, I have it set up so that even if my PBX system fails or the network goes down, we can still dial out through Christian's cell phone and have her cell phone ring thru to all of the phones in the house.

Drop me an email and I will give you our new home phone number.

In other news, I have been some problems with my jaw lately. I'm not sure what is going on with it. Over the last few weeks, it has started to hurt more and more and be more and more difficult to close my mouth completely. It is obvious from the way my teeth hit each other that they are not falling in the same place that they used to and something has changed my bite.

And if I ever want to be able to yell at my son about going to the doctor, I know I have to go. I went to the dentist last week. He did multiple x-rays and did an ultrasound on my jaw joints. He showed me that my wisdom teeth are impacted (it was pretty obvious from the x-ray), but he admitted that he believed it was only contributing to the problem and not the source of it. He referred me to an oral surgeon who can do some CAT scans and find the real issue. My appointment is on the 10th, so we will see how it goes.


Anonymous Keith said...

I didn't realize that your teeth were going out of alignment.

I think the problem might be that with all this new learning your brain is expanding. This is pushing down on your jaw.

The trick is to unlearn somethings as you learn others... so your brain doesn't expand too much.

2:46 PM  

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