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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
The air conditioner wasn't cooling this weekend, so I called someone to come look at it. Looks like the compressor wasn't starting. The guy put a start-assist/start-kit on it and it started up. He said that might keep it going for another year or so. He let it warm up and then checked the pressure and the current draw. The pressure was fine, but the current was 18A and it is only supposed to draw 14A for that unit. He said 4A over is pretty bad, and he doubted it would last the summer.

The start-kit was $285 bucks, so if I decided to gamble and it failed on me this summer, then I would be out that much. He gave me a quote on a new compressor, which was very high compared to the cost of a whole new unit and only came with a 30 day warranty. Christian and I decided to just go ahead and spend some of our foundation repair money on a new AC unit. I asked the guy if he would leave the start-kit until they come to install the new one and he agreed.

The new unit is a 3.5 ton Comfortmaker 14 SEER. I was thinking about going with a 4 ton, but the guy told me that there is a risk that a 4 ton may cool the house too quickly and not run long enough. This causes the AC to cycle more than it should and to also not remove enough humidity out of the air, which can lead to other problems such as mold or ice on the coil.

So, I went with the 3.5 ton. Looking on their website, they have some pretty good warranties. 10 years on the compressor, 5 years on other parts. Also, on the 14 SEER, they have a "7 year no-hassle" warranty, which says that if the compressor fails within 7 years, they will replace the whole unit. Pretty neat.

So, it's alot of money, but perhaps it will be less stress once we get it going since we will have replaced everything in the system including furnace, ductwork, evaporator coil, plenum, and now, A/C unit/compressor.

One interesting thing... the compressor in the garage refrigerator also went out at about the same time. Weird huh? Two compressors going out at the same time? I don't think we had any sort of surge event or lightning... nothing else seems broken. Hmmm....


Anonymous Keith said...

Weird that both compressors went out the same day. There was a storm that came through last week, but I don't think it was the 18th.

I went through this AC deal. I've got a winder unit. They are hick, but they work. There is no duct work. And they are mobile. My mom was up this weekend. I stuck one in her bedroom for the night. That whole mold thing is overblown in my opinion. I wonder how many cases are due to an AC pan in the attic overflowing? I believe "the guest unit" for my mom was like $75 or something. You can zone too. You just move it where you need it. We went upscale. We've got a $200 one in the livingroom. Our electric bill is fine. And we use Green Mountain.

I put no hardware in to hang the thing. I just stuck it in the back and put a log under it to support it. I don't give a crap. The "guest unit" is small enough to rest on the winder sill.

Yeehaw. There are advantages to growing up in a trailor... and having a dad who installed AC for a living :-D

11:57 AM  

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