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Monday, October 31, 2005
What a full weekend. We don't have any money left, but we sure had fun :)

On Saturday, we decided to use some gift certificates that we had. I had one for Men's Warehouse, Christian had one for the DSW shoe store, and Neo had one for a toy store. It was a great day. We also had lunch at Olive Garden.

On Sunday, we got on a bus headed for the Renaissance Festival. Things there are insanely expensive, but it is something you only get to do once a year. Christian rented an amazing costume and looked awesome. Neo dressed up as a knight and looked really cool. I went as a monk again - I'm just plain I guess.

We did many things there, but the most important thing was to find "our tree" and take a picture by it again. For comparison, here is the pic from last year by the same tree. My costume is a bit plain, but Christian makes us look much better :) We also had a good family pic in Sherwood Forest.

There are too many stories to tell them all here, but one in particular stays with me. We sat down to watch a juggling show after just having bought Neo a funnel cake. He was tearing through it while people were taking their seats. I was showing him how to sop up the powdered sugar and had to explain to him that all that white stuff was sugar. He caught a surprised look for a second and immediately took his piece and started rubbing all the sugar off. He kept turning it and rubbing off all the white marks he could find until only the fried dough remained. I was confused, until he turned around and said, "Here ya go mom. Now you can have some."

Man I love that kid.

You can see all the pics from the festival here.


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