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Saturday, October 01, 2005
What an evening. After work, Christian and I rushed to get dressed, drop off Neo at a friends house and get to a restaurant downtown for a 7:30 reservation. Luckily, we came to our senses and moved the reservation to 8:30.

That gave us much more time to relax and not be rushed. The restaurant we were heading to was La Tour D'Argent. I had called earlier in the day and made reservations. I told the guy taking the reservation that it was my wife's birthday and I would like a good window seat (in fact, our table is in the picture at the top of their website). Also, I asked if he could speak with the chef and see if he could prepare some sort of dessert that was sugar-free for Christian. He said he would talk with the chef and assured me that he could come up with something.

Upon arriving, a very courteous valet opened the door for Christian and parked the truck. When we entered, we were greeted by a very friendly hostess. She immediately wished Christian "Happy Birthday" and asked us to follow her to our table. On our way, we passed a gentleman who politely nodded and wished us a "Happy Anniversary". A little further down the hall, the hostess turned around, having heard him incorrectly label the occasion, and reassured us that she knew it was a birthday and not an anniversary.

We got a wonderful table and ordered some wine. Our server was incredible. He was very professional and never too intrusive. We also had three other waiters tending to us. One that delivered drinks and bread. One that delivered the food. And one that would check on us to see how everything was going. This was the "anniversary" guy and was apparently the same guy who took the reservation. Even though 4 people tending to you sounds a bit intrusive, it was very nice and we never felt like our conversation was interrupted.

We started off with escargot and warm jumbo crab as appetizers. All I can say is wow. The crab dish was the only thing I have ever eaten that was more incredible than the food on the cruise we took this year. It was incredible. The escargot was also very good.

After the appetizers, our server told us of one particular chocolate desert that we should think about because if we wanted it, it took quite a while to prepare. I told him that I had spoke with someone on the phone about speaking to the chef to make a sugar-free dessert. He said he would check on it. Shortly after, the "anniversary" guy came by and very politely apologized for not coming through on his promise for the dessert. He seemed embarrassed. I let it go and wasn't going to let it ruin the night.

For our entrees, Christian had a serrano ham wrapped prime rib with asparagus in an amazing sauce. It was awesome. I had lamb loin with Israeli cous-cous, red onion marmalade and shitakes. Wow. Also amazing. The portions were pretty big and since we had filled up on appetizers, neither of us were able to finish. After the meal, our server wished Christian a happy birthday. He told us about the deserts and assured us they were all zero calories. I told him we would have to skip because Christian can not have sugar. He asked if he could make her something with fresh berries. We agreed and ordered dessert and coffee.

Shortly after, he arrived with the dessert. Christian received a beautiful tall glass with fresh berries. The glass was on a huge plate. Along the edge of the plate, in gorgeous script writing made of chocolate, it said, "Happy Anniversary". I guess this was from the anniversary guy hoping to make up for his earlier mistake. He came by later and asked Christian if she had a good anniversary. There was a small awkward silence before Christian uttered, "Yes. Yes we did." It was pretty funny. At that point neither of us had the heart to tell him that it was her birthday. His intentions were good. He told us that we could fill out a card to be on their preferred guest list and possibly go back to see them for another occasion, such as a birthday.

So, besides not having the sugar-free dessert for Christian, I would say the night went pretty well. Neo had a good time playing with his friends. The restaurant was absolutely amazing. Since dinner ran a bit long, we weren't able to go see a movie as we had planned, but that's ok.

I believe Christian had a good time. I hope she did. We will always remember it as our anniversary dinner that wasn't. :)

Happy birthday princess.


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