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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
It was a very relaxing, long weekend. Christian was off in Vegas for a bachelorette party. Also, Neo went to Nanna and Pappa's house to visit for the weekend.

That left me... and the theater room. It all started Friday. Friday morning, Greg came over and helped me out. We ran the rest of the speaker wire through the attic and also ran a couple of network cables. He is a pro at soldering audio connections, so it was great to have his expertise to solder all of my RCA audio connectors. That let us finish the RCA patch panel on the front wall, and on the side wall. Here is a pic of the front wall audio panel.

Greg also brought over his tools and worked in the garage to help make me some closet rod mounts for the closet. They came out great. Thanks a million Greg.

That night, I stayed in the attic pretty late trying to tie in the power to my closet receptacles to another circuit. I finally found a circuit that didn't have much on it, put in a junction box, found a wire, and spliced into it. Later on in the weekend, I would figure out that the wire I had spliced into was acutally a three-way wire connecting two three-way switches. I had to get back in the attic on Monday to redo the connections.

On Saturday, I put on one last coat of red paint on the walls. You have no idea how painful it was to open up that darn can of paint again. But, I did it. It's over. Later in the day, John came over. We were going to go help out and volunteer at the Astrodome, but the volunteer shifts were all filled. We put together some clothes and canned goods and drove downtown and made a donation.

On Sunday, John and I put up the new blinds in the room and also installed the sconce lights on the walls. The room is finally nearing completion as far as construction is concerned. Here is a pic of the back wall. To put it in perspective, here is a shot of before, and after. More pics of the room are here.

Thanks to Greg and John for all of their help. You guys have helped me out tremendously.


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