January 22, 2022


Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Anyone back to normal life yet? I considered myself a pro at hurricanes, but after Katrina, people are so nuts that we all look like amateurs.

We are finally back home and trying to get things back to the same level of disarray they were in when we left. Looks like we have some damage to the house. We lost a few pieces of siding on the facial boards. Also, looks like the water moved the slab and opened up a crack a good bit. Other than that, we are in good shape. Now we just need to get unpacked and settled. The schools around here are still closed though, which means Christian and I are taking turns going to work and watching Neo. That makes it a little harder to get back into the swing of things.

Overall, we had a great evacuation. I constructed a "coon-ass camper top" on my truck that worked pretty well. We loaded up all of our stuff and headed to Dallas. Vince and Amy did a wonderful job of dealing with the refugees in their home and we had a great visit with them and Ethan. Wow is that kid smart. He can count to 20. He knows all his colors. His vocabulary is astounding. And he didn't want me to tell his parents, but he's working on a cold-fusion powered anti-matter ray gun in his closet. Not bad for a 2 year old.

While there, we went to the park with the boys and also had 2 mini birthday parties since Neo and Ethan were unable to attend each other's party. Pics from the trip are here.

Speaking of birthday parties, we are going to have to postpone Neo's 5th birthday party. We are not exactly sure of the date yet, but we will let everyone know a couple of weeks before.


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