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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Got quite a bit done in the theater room this weekend. A buddy of mine, John, came over and helped me do many things. We ran the speaker wires (or most of it), ran power to three receptacles in the closet, installed a junction in the attic, painted the crown moulding and the base moulding, painted and installed the door, replaced the light switch, drilled cable holes in the entertainment rack, installed corner blocks for crown moulding, and laid a run of Romex from the junction box all the way to the fuse box. We didn't drop into the fuse box, as I don't feel comfortable working with it, so I will probably just call an electrician to add a breaker for me. If that costs too much, I will just try branching off an existing circuit. Thanks for all of your help John!

Since the work was mainly "in the walls" stuff, there is not much to see, but I did grab a few pics and put them in the "house pics" area if you want to see some of the progress.

Also, I added the pictures from the Bergeron Sandestin vacation in the "Family" section. Looks like you guys had a great time. We would expect nothing less :)


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