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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
What an interesting paint experience we are having in the home theater room...

Christian bought some paint at Home Depot... and the guy said "You should buy a primer" and ultimately made a sales pitch to Christian and she bought it. I read up on the web afterwards and found a million sites like this one saying that the only time you really need to prime is when you are painting a wall that hasn't been painted before, or you are trying to cover up something stubborn, like a dark color or stains.

But these walls were white, and they had been painted. We decided to skip the primer and start with the white stuff... painting the ceiling and the moulding.

Well, it turns out that a tinted primer and what I thought of as a primer (like Kilz) are different things. When we tried to put that deep red color on the wall, it just streaked all over.

So, we had to go back and prime the walls with this tinted primer. Since our ordeal, I have went back to the web and started reading about tinted primers. I found sites like this one that say, "Don't ever paint a room red without using a tinted primer". Way to go Frankie...

Doing the primer means we have to touch up the moulding again. Also, the primer is an enamel, which makes it a royal pain to work with when you don't have any paint thinner.

Overall, the room is coming along, but the stress factor is about to make me pop.


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