January 22, 2019


Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Liftoff! What a day yesterday was! Seeing the shuttle launch in the auditorium at JSC was absolutely amazing. So many people have been working long hours, for so long, and it has finally happened. It was hard not to be a little choked up when we saw it lift off of the pad.

There was an article in the Daily Advertiser here that mentions me and a good friend of mine. It is about Lafayette natives involved with the launch.

The truck is doing well. She just passed 500 miles.

Also, we now have a swing on the back porch, which we all love. Neo loves to sit out there and play his GameBoy. He also likes to eat on the swing. I love to drink my coffee outside in the mornings. But since we are trying to enjoy it, I have now declared war on the mosquitos. I've got citronella, bug lights, bug zappers, foggers, deep woods OFF!, yard spray, shrub spray... bring 'em on.


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