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Monday, July 18, 2005
It has been a while since my last update and much has happened. Let me see if I can fill in the gap.

About the theater room - we put on one last coat of red paint (a total of 7 coats - 2 primer, 5 red). Here is the result. The room could probably use one more coat, but I am just too sick of painting. I can't even stand to open up the can anymore. This will have to do. Also, we changed all of the outlets and outlet covers. I also got all of the new crown molding and base molding from Home Depot, but we still need to paint and install it.

We have taken a break from the theater room because so many other things are going. One thing that happened recently is that "Bubbles" and "Magoo" passed away. We were trying to clean the tank, and things didn't go too well. Neo doesn't seem to upset about it. I was more upset than anyone.

But the biggest reason we have taken a break from the theater room is this. That's right. I bought a truck. And man o' man does the A/C feel nice. Ahhh... I'm smiling just thinking about it. There are more pictures of the truck here, but some of them came out too dark.

Overall, the truck was a great deal with the employee discounts that Ford is offering. The savings compared to a used truck with 15000 - 20000 miles on it was only about $3000 (instead of the normal $6000 - $7000), so I decided to get a new one. I managed to get a pretty good deal on the trade in for the van. I even brought it in on an empty tank of gas :)

All in all, it has been a pretty good car buying experience so far, except for the stress involved. Now that it is over, I am looking forward to driving a vehicle with A/C, not being dripping wet with sweat when I get to work, and having a fairly dependable vehicle in the family for the next few years.


Blogger mclc71 said...

I just did the same thing...painted my potential home theater red. What is scary is how similar our rooms look, well anyway. I got away with 2 coats and the quality of the paint makes the difference. The walls have only been painted by the builder which is basic crap but makes for a good primer. The paint that I used was Valspar from Lowes. Highly recommended. Their is better paint out their but for the price and 2 coats it can't be beat.

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