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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Neo had his first practice today for "big-boy T-ball". The coach lined the kids up and told them the name of their team was the Orioles. He asked them if they knew what an oriole was, to which they all raised their hand and told him that it was a cookie with white filling.

The best part was when one parent and myself were helping the kids bat. This kid came up and we helped him get his feet set, adjusted the tee, and told him to hit it hard. He proceeded to wind up and smack the ball backwards right into the backstop. The other dad and I both nodded in agreement and said "OK! left-handed... got it."

Looks like the part in the fan that is dead is the receiver, which is the only part not covered by the so-called "Lifetime Warranty". And it looks like the part won't be available from the manufacturer for another 3-6 weeks. After dealing with Hampton Bay and the manufacturer for this fan, I would advise others to stick with other brands such as Hunter and to stay away from Hampton Bay (Home Depot's house brand).


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