May 23, 2019


Sunday, January 30, 2005
While getting dressed last night for dinner, I put on my new shoes. First, I put on the left one. Then, I grabbed the other left one. Hmmm... two left shoes??? I guess you have to pay extra for a left and a right shoe at Payless.

This had "Graffagnino" written all over it. So, I will have to make do with my brown shoes. Oh well.

Dinner was great. Our dinner partners are Eric and Jenn from Baltimore. They are great. This week should be fun.

After dinner, we tried our luck at the casino. I managed to lose 120 bucks before my seat at the blackjack table even got warm. Christian made 20 bucks last pretty long at video poker before losing it.

When we got back to the room, Christian surprised me with a gift: a really nice Movado watch! Wow. I don't think I deserve that.


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